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The Shops in our Mall:

Massage Gift Items

Artistic-Fx (custom printed items)

Autism Merchandise

Custom Christmas Stockings and Ornaments!

Name Meaning Items

"Behind These Eyes"
A Memoir about Agoraphobia

Alternative Lifestyle Products


"Namaste" Gift Items

Tiled Keepsake Boxes

Gifts For Grandma


Fan Blade Covers

Star Almanac-Give a Star as a Gift!

 Personalized Pet Items

 Mall Directory

Gifts for Massage Therapists!

In this little shop you will find many UNIQUE items designed with Massage Therapists in mind. Items range from T-shirt to custom imprinted mantle clocks! Many items have the lovely
"Massage Therapist's Prayer" as their theme. Come visit!


Massage Therapist's Prayer

Let me dedicate my life today
to the care of those
who come my way.

Let me touch each one
with healing hands
for the gentle art
for which I stand.

Let the divine force
flow from me to you
let our energy
and spirit renew.

And then tonight
when day is done
let me rest in peace
if I helped just one.



Custom Imprinted T-shirts, mouse pads, key chains
Pillow shams, mugs, license plates, snow globes, ceramic plates
Christmas Stockings, Christmas ornaments and MUCH MORE!
Check out all our NEW holiday ornaments and stockings !!




  Our next featured shop is Artistic-Fx.com. This business has been around for many years, They make T-shirts, a large assortment of custom imprinted items, most of which are very unique. Their warm and friendly way of dealing with clients has always made them an internet favorite! Service and shipping are all F-A-S-T !  They have gifts for ALL occasions and make a great place to do "one stop" Christmas shopping !! Lots of great gifts for grandma and the whole family here...Check out their large selection of preprinted and custom Christmas Stockings!

Come See us at:

Last Name Meanings AND
Coats of Arms!


Our third featured storefront is First-Name-Meaning..com.  They make a wonderful assortment of items relating the the meanings of first names. Prints can be framed or unframed. The name meaning can be put on many items you would not expect to find them!  Great gift idea for most anyone or any occasion!


Come see us at:

animated gif

Your Name On a Star in the Universe!


Did you know there are trillions of unnamed stars in the vast universe? Millions of the stars have been named and untold billions have not. What a great idea to name one of these unnamed stars for a friend, child, co-worker, pet or loved one and give it as a gift! You will also get the name entered in the official book "Star Almanac"! You can get your official information printed on a certificate or on many other gift items. Truly unique!
Just $19.99! 

To name a star in our universe for a special someone


NEW...iPhone 4 and 4S Hard cases....!!

This high grade, hard plastic case is durable and lightweight. The sublimation image has a high gloss, full color image that is added to the back of the case.  These are just FANTASTIC!  You will have a GORGEOUS, durable phone case that says "YOU" all over it!
Pick from custom designs or you can send us your photo and we will print it!

Click HERE!



Acupressure Massage Balls


New in Box with Original Instructions

You are looking at the famous GOOSEBUMPS! They are "Acupoint Sensory Stimulation"! 

I have used these since the 1980's when they first came out and can attest to their power personally! I have a LOT of muscle tension and these are just a "basic must-have" for me. They reduce tension, stress knots and hence even anxiety for me. In this fast-paced world of ours it was good to know there was "GOOSEBUMPS"..

What do they do? Goosebumps release stress by massaging muscles and by activating acupressure points, which send signals to relax all the parts of the body!

They are acupressure-hard to the touch and feel GREAT pressed into your muscles! Use them on most any part of your body (back, feet, hands etc...instructions included).. Just roll them around your hands or under you feet or roll them behind you against a wall or bed. I lay on mine and Oh...they "hurt so good"........breaking those knots up!

These marvelous "tools" have been discontinued! I have some of the last available ANYWHERE!. I have seen them sell lately for just under $100! 
These last remaining ones have the logo "#1 Dad" on them, but if you know the power of the healing these can deliver that will not matter to you in the slightest! They do the exact same job :)

SO..if you already have "goosebumps" and need to have a back-up pair ot two you had better get them now!  If you are new to "goosebumps" you are in for a heavenly treat!  Do yourself a favor and try these out. They ARE ALL that they are cracked up to be!



Personalized Pet Items!

In this  wonderful little site we have an assortment of custom printed pet items. Now you can get even get your pet's PHOTO printed right onto a collar or leash!
Now that's a great Pet ID!  Check out this little site by clicking HERE!

CLICK to go to this site!


(Items with a Spiritual Flavor)

  A wonderful selection of Spiritual gifts is being offered at "Namaste-Gifts.com".
 One translation of the word "Namaste" is "I honor the place in you where spirit lives. I honor the place in you which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, then we are One." 
On this site you will find a considerable variety of Namaste items as well as other spiritually-oriented gifts. A wonderful and warm place to visit if you are looking for a special inspirational gift.

From Namaste-Gifts.com

Come see us at:

Tile-topped Wooden Keepsake Boxes

and Ceramic Tile Photos


   Tiles-n-boxes offers a wonderful selection of hardwood
gift boxes as well as other items on which they insert a ceramic tile with a custom imprinted photo!
These absolutely MUST be seen to be appreciated. The tops are HIGH Gloss and will
you can be sure that these boxes will be treasured and displayed for years to come. Your
precious photos will also be preserved virtually forever!

Come see us at:

Fan Pull Chains, Magnets & More!

  Our next featured store is "Fan Pull Chains, Magnets & More!"  Whatta concept!! Here you can have fun designing your own Ceiling Fan Pull Chain or pick from many stock designs, These are 3" beautiful porcelain discs that are made into fan pulls OR magnets or just ribboned ornaments. They make wonderful all year 'round gifts for EVERYONE and almost every occasion. Check out this NEW and fun site!

As a Fan Pull Chain
(approx 1' of chain...
longer available upon request)

As a Magnet

With a Ribbon

Come see us at: Fan Pull Chains, Magnets & More!


Gifts For Grandma

Well, it's that time of year and who needs to be remembered as much as anyone else? Grandma!  In this ship there are all kinds of special gifts for that all-important person in our lives. To go and see their selection of specialty gifts click HERE.

Come See us at  "GIFTS FOR GRANDMA" !


Fan Blade Covers!
You will find one of the most UNIQUE and practical shops of all at : Fanbladecovers.Net!  They make wonderful washable covers for your ceiling fan blades....who likes to wash them, right?  Designs are colorful and fit all decors. Help to keep your summers KOOL by visiting them!

...and Fan Blade Covers
at : Fanbladecovers.net


Come see us at:



Gorgeous Blankets !!

Great quality.....excellent pricing!

Click Here...




One-Voice-4-Autism.com is a website dedicated to the sale of Autism Awareness Merchandise. Here you will find many unique items that be personalized /customized. A portion of all profits go to support Autism Awareness.

Click HERE to go to




"YOUR PHOTO HERE" is a wonderful site where you will receive a lot of "personalized" attention. They offer many imprintable items such as T-shirts, personalized mugs, license plates, mouse pads, men's ties, key chains and more! They offer courteous service and are LIGHTENING FAST with their service!

Visit them by Clicking





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