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Welcome to the internet shopping mall  at 1web-boulevard.com.
Here you will find a multitude of original items, many of them unique and individually hand crafted.
We are also carrying a wonderful selection of healing oils, including CBD oil and natures Essential Oils.
Each link has been carefully chosen to bring you the most satisfying of shopping experiences.
You can conveniently shop at any store and have it all added to one shopping cart!

The Shops in our Mall:

"Namaste" Gift Items

Massage Gift Items

Artistic-Fx (custom printed items)

Autism Merchandise

"Behind These Eyes"
A Memoir about Agoraphobia

CBD-EO Gifts



Tiled Keepsake Boxes


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Nature's Healing CBD products..

(CBD tinctures (oils) and many more products containing CBD)


Totally non-psychoactive
100% Legal

Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, USA Grown!

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Nature's Healing Essential Oils

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To see our OUTSTANDING array of Essential Oils and related products


Nature's Healing Gift Items
(relating to CBD and Essential Oils)

Gift /storage boxes, checkbook covers/wallets and more!


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Gifts for Massage Therapists!

In this little shop you will find many UNIQUE items designed with Massage Therapists in mind. Items range from T-shirt to custom imprinted mantle clocks! Many items have the lovely
"Massage Therapist's Prayer" as their theme. Come visit!


Massage Therapist's Prayer

Let me dedicate my life today
to the care of those
who come my way.

Let me touch each one
with healing hands
for the gentle art
for which I stand.

Let the divine force
flow from me to you
let our energy
and spirit renew.

And then tonight
when day is done
let me rest in peace
if I helped just one.

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A wonderful collection of custom printed items.....!

Check out all our NEW holiday ornaments and stockings !!




  Our next featured shop above is Artistic-Fx.com. This business has been around for many years, They make a large assortment of custom imprinted items, most of which are very unique. Their warm and friendly way of dealing with clients has always made them an internet favorite! Service and shipping are all F-A-S-T !  They have gifts for ALL occasions and make a great place to do "one stop" Christmas shopping !! Lots of great gifts for grandma and the whole family here...Check out their large selection of preprinted and custom Christmas Stockings!

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Inspiring books (on amazon.com) into the story behind one agoraphobic's journey through life.
Fresh and real insights....written by someone who knows and leads a productive life despite the challenges.
You will also find YouTube videos and mentoring on this site!



Click HERE to go to this site.


(Items with a Spiritual Flavor)

  A wonderful selection of Spiritual gifts is being offered at "Namaste-Gifts".
 One translation of the word "Namaste" is "I honor the place in you where spirit lives. I honor the place in you which is of Love, of Truth, of Light and of Peace. When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, then we are One." 
On this site you will find a considerable variety of Namaste items as well as other spiritually-oriented gifts. A wonderful and warm place to visit if you are looking for a special inspirational gift.

From Namaste-Gifts

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Tile-topped Wooden Keepsake Boxes

and Ceramic Tile Photos


   Tiles-n-boxes offers a wonderful selection of hardwood
gift boxes as well as other items on which they insert a ceramic tile with a custom imprinted photo!
These absolutely MUST be seen to be appreciated. The tops are HIGH Gloss and will
you can be sure that these boxes will be treasured and displayed for years to come. Your
precious photos will also be preserved virtually forever!

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Thanks for Shopping!

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