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So, Just who am I anyway
and why should you buy from me?


My name is Ellen and I am a retired mental health counselor. I am a person who has been challenged throughout her life with anxiety. I got interested in CBD quite awhile ago through an insightful counselor named Flora Greenberg. I became intrigued by the potential of the products and jumped into research and then sales with both feet. I have consulted with physicians (specializing in CBD, medical marijuana and palliative care), nurse practitioners and pharmacists in regards to the usage of CBD products. I consult regularly with a licensed nutritionist and have completed a CBD training course from Alternate Medical. One thing I am already an expert in is my product line. I know they are PURE, SAFE and top-of-the line with good and fair prices. Being and empath, I am on a mission to do my part to help everyone I possibly can in dealing with any pain, mental anguish or discomfort they might have. I may be a retired counselor, but I am still trying to be of service by spreading the word about the extraordinary healing powers and potential of natural CBD products.  If any of my products have helped you I'd love to hear from you and hope you spread the word. I appreciate your help and confidence in me.

I hope, over time, we will develop a great relationship and you will come to trust that I am looking to always find the best, most safe and pure products and information to help you and your loved ones with any pain, distress or discomfort you might have....NATURALLY.

Feel Free to contact me for a FREE email consultation:  Email: natureshealingproducts@yahoo.com  or The_CBD_Shoppe@yahoo.comI am NOT a doctor (always consult your personal physician), but am willing to share anything I know or have learned along my CBD journey...

Be well.....

Phone: 727-741-7224