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This web site contains items that can help to promote Autism AWARENESS. Some of the designs are variations
of  familiar symbols, but many will be totally new. We will also be able to personalize many of the items so you
can make them uniquely your own. If you have anything you'd like specially  made please feel free to email us and we'll do our best to make it up to your specifications. We think you'll find many of these items appropriate for use in fund raising. Please just write us for more information.

....While those challenged with Autism may share some commonalities, they, like the rest of us,
 have unique strengths and challenges. Let us call out in One Voice for support and Awareness
for those challenged with Autism.
This site is dedicated to the Wilson Family....
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Autism "Ribbon"
Christmas Ornament

Autism "Ribbon" Ornament (Become Aware)

2 sided ornament

The back of the ornament has the word "Autism" spelled out in block letters. "Become AWARE" is
written on the bottom.

Autism "Lost Key" Keychain
This is a small item that *could* save your BIG money, especially if you have a "remote" to your car. It has
the wonderful Autism Ribbon on one side and the other side has whatever identifying info you'd like on it (up to 4 short lines) so if
your keys get lost they can be returned to you. Just enter your info below.

Autism Ribbon "Lost Key" tag
(tag is aluminum and measures about 3" long)

Identifying wording for back of key chain

"Autism Awareness"
License Plate Frame
This chrome standard sized license plate frame can have any wording you'd like on the
top and the bottom strips. Please just specify short wording for top and bottom plate below.

License Plate Frame

Wording for TOP plate of License Plate Frame
Wording for Bottom plate of License Plate Frame

 "Autism Ribbon"
Christmas Ornament
This little ornament is 2 7/8" round and is made of pure porcelain.
Front  reads:
At Christmas time
I thank the stars
for my special child..
For all the love
and all the joy
that make my life
 (or current year)
The back of the ornament has the word "Autism" spelled out in block letters. "Become AWARE" is
written on the bottom.



Ribbon T-Shirts   
** copyright 2007 Special T's**

This version of the "Ribbon" T-shirt has the traditional ribbon imprinted on the shirt with the words,
"Take the time to care...Become AWARE" surrounding it. It is a pocket-sized design as shown.
$14.99 up to size XL
$16.99 sizes 2X and 3X
Purchase Shirts HERE....

Children's size 2/4 thru Size XL
Size of Shirt
Color of shirt
  Adult Sizes 2X thru 3X
Size of Shirt
Color of shirt


Photo T-Shirts!

**available with or without name personalization**
$18.99 up to size XL
$19.99 2X thru 3X

The Ribbon "Photo" shirts are really special! You can't get much more personal than this!!
Your favorite person's photo can be placed (with or without a name) in the center of the traditional
ribbon symbol for Autism. Simply email us your photo (or call if you'd like directions on how to mail us your
hard copy photo at (727) 934-3944) and we'll place your photo in the center of the ribbon. These are
really eye-catching shirts that get the message across!!

Purchase Ribbon Photo Shirts HERE.

Click HERE to EMAIL Photo

Full Sized Design

   Kids size 2/4 thru adult XL
Size of Shirt
Color of Shirt
        Adult 2X thru 3X
Size of Shirt
Color of Shirt

Purchase Pocked Sized Design HERE

   Kids size 2/4 thru adult XL
Size of Shirt
Color of Shirt

        Adult 2X thru 3X
Size of Shirt
Color of Shirt

"To My Autistic Child" Poem T-shirt
$19.99 sizes Small-XL      $21.99 Sizes 2X-4X

TWO SIDED DESIGN...Poem on front and Autism Ribbon on back

Autism Poem Shirt -  Front

Autism Poem Shirt -  Back

Purchase Size Adult S-XL Here

Purchase Size 2X-4X Here


Size of Shirt


Size of Shirt

The Poem Reads:

To My Autistic Child 

Where are you this moment, my darling young child
Where have your thoughts taken you?
Where are you this moment, my darling young Angel
Is there something you need me to do? 

Is there a way I can touch you
Is there a sign I should know
Is there a path I could follow
That would help you to learn and to grow? 

If I could reach down inside you
If I could cuddle your heart,
If I could take the mystery away,
Would you know we never will part? 

Where are you this moment my child
Where are your thoughts taking you?
Please know I am right here beside you
No matter what life takes us through.
copyright 2006 Ellen Isaksen

The above poem is also available in a beautiful 6 X 6 on a beautiful framed ceramic tile. The frame can either be hung on the wall or can stand alone with the supplies wooden dowel.
Personalization or Dedication is available at no extra charge Simply fill in the box below (next to the "add to cart" button) with the name /wording you'd like on it and we'll print it up for you...please limit wording to one short sentence or less).


Name or Word Personalization if Desired


Enjoy our Autism Ribbon "Windproof" Lighter! They are not only used to light cigarettes!
Use them to light your wonderful candles or fireplaces!
Can be personalized with a name if desired.


Autism Ribbon Lighter
Name, if desired



"To My Autistic Child" Mantle Clock
This wonderful clock measures approx. 7" X 14.5" and has quartz movement.
The background to the poem is printed to look like puzzle pieces.
Name or short wording can be added to personalize.


(minor assembly required)


"To My Autistic Child" Print
$9.99 unframed
**see frame below**

"To My Autistic Child" poem/ print
with puzzle pieces border..

Name for personalization if desired



Acrylic Frame for "To My Autistic Child"


"Wonder'n" Poem T-shirt
$18.99 sizes kids XS to adult XL

Poem Reads:


Do you wonder what I think
Or if I really feel?
Do you wonder who I'll "be"
Or if I'll ever heal?

Do you wonder if I love you
Or if my life has meaning?
Do you wonder if I know you
As another human being?

I wish I could answer all your questions
In a way you'd understand,
But all I have is mixed up pieces
That don't fit any plan.

All I ask is that you love me
Even though blind faith is hard,
One day you'll know the answers
It will be your great reward.
copyright 2006 Ellen Isaksen


"Wonder'n Poem T-shirt


Size of Shirt

2 Sided "One Voice" T-shirt
$17.99 size S-Xl
$19.99 size 2X

Front:  Ribbon with wording:
Take the time to care, Become Aware

Back: Broken Ribbon with wording:
One Voice 4 Autism


Size of Shirt S-XL


Size of Shirt 2X



"To My Autistic Child" Mousepad

This wonderful mousepad displays the wonderful
"To My Autistic Child" poem on it. A name can be personalized under the
title if desired. $9.99

Name for personalization if desired



Photo Pedestal Travel Mugs
Photo Travel Mug w/Lid

EVERYONE is carrying around their coffee mugs these days...
This mug can make your trip to the park or drive in the car so
much more pleasurable as you gaze over and see your favorite person
looking back at you and keeping you company! The eye-catching logo on the rear side
of the mug is a great way to display your interest in Autism Awareness.
 High quality, durable plastic.
YOUR photo can easily be inserted in the front. There are two rear designs to choose from below
which we will pre-insert for you..
 No special equipment needed to insert your 4X6 photo.
 Gift box included.

**If you'd like to send us your photo and have us size it please email us with your request. $2.00 extra**

Front of mug can hold YOUR
4 X 6 personal Photo

Rear Logo #1

Rear Logo #2

Rear of mug holds 3.5 X 4 Autism Logos illustrated. You can choose from either design
for the back of the mug.

Both Logos, while different in design, read:

Take the time to care...
Become Aware!

One Voice 4 Autism

Select Rear Logo Design For Your Mug HERE

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

"Become Aware" Autism Ribbon Stainless Travel Mug
Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold!
Pedestal base to fit in car /drink holder.

Ceramic Mugs
$14.99 with Ribbon logo on the front (which reads "Take the time to care, Become Aware! through it, and "One voice 4 Autism" on the back.

$15.99 for Ribbon logo on the front and Photo Puzzle piece on the back.
**just email us your photo and we'll customize it on your mug**
**If you'd like to send us your photo via US mail please call in your order at: (727) 934-3944.

Choose from EITHER Rear designs...

Mug with "One Voice 4 Autism"
on the back


Mug with custom Photo Puzzle Piece
on the back

Click here to EMAIIL photo..


Checkbook Wallets

These checkbook /wallets are made of a soft polyester material and are extremely colorful and eye-catching! Each cover holds a checkbook, register, cash and credit cards. They are soft, yet extremely durable. Name personalization is available at no extra charge. Two Cover Designs to Choose From AND Two colors, red or black!..

$19.99 (Cover w/puzzle piece with "One Voice 4 Autism" written across it)

$24.99 ( YOUR photo shaped into a puzzle piece on cover with the words "One Voice 4 Autism written on it")
**please is possible to have YOUR wording placed on the wallet if desired.




Choose from the Cover designs below...
#1. Puzzle Piece with "One Voice 4 Autism" written on the cover and the wording,
Take the time to care, Become Aware!" on it....or
#2. YOUR photo converted into a puzzle piece on it with the wording, "One Voice 4 Autism" written on it.
**please write us if you'd like other wording on the checkbook cover**

#1. Puzzle Piece Cover

#2. Photo Puzzle Piece Cover


Color of wallet

Click HERE to EMAIL Photo

Color of wallet


Photo Puzzles

These great photo puzzles are great for framing. They actually measure 7.5 " X 9.5" but will fit into an 8X10 frame with just a little room to spare. A plain piece of black paper behind will just give it a little 'fill in' if needed. Frames with a thicker border are usually fine by themselves. If you don't want to frame the puzzle put it to practical and let your little loved one work at putting the pieces together.
(Puzzle piece sizes may vary from this photo..frame not included)

Email us your photo when you add this item to your cart.
**Call us or email us if you'd like instructions on how to mail us your photo to scan if you don't have it in your pc already**
(727) 934-3944

License Plate
Our license plate is made wonderfully colorful and really gets the message across. The modified "Autism Ribbon"
is in the middle of the plate with the words "One Voice 4 Autism" written in the center of it. In each corner is a puzzle piece. One says "Take the time to care" and the other says "Become Aware". A really nice way to get the word out!


Autism Awareness Tote

What better way to carry display your support for Autism Awareness then by carrying your daily items in this soft, light natural-colored canvas tote.  Tote measures 15" X 16".





**please note all designs are copyrighted by Special T's**

if you need help... please just send an EMAIL with your item request. You will receive a response within 24 hours. 

**Please note...shipping costs in our "shopping cart"  are for USA shipping..please
EMAIL if you want you item shipped internationally**
Also...No refunds. Damaged products will be replaced. Custom Imprinted items cannot be exchanged.


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