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BOOKS by Ellen

"Behind These Eyes
..One Agoraphobic's
Journey To A
Meaningful Life"

"Coexisting With Agoraphobia, Anxiety and Panic Attacks"




"If all of life
with all its meanings
were tied up with a rope....
The center force,
which is the knot,
would certainly be



Book Reviews




Powerful and compelling, Behind These Eyes leaves me with a real understanding of the issues surrounding agoraphobia. A remarkable memoir - moving, courageous and inspiring

Judith Haire, Author Don't Mind Me



e.a. isaksen's story is amazing, breathtaking, sad, happy, glorious and tragic, but ultimately just powerful beyond words. She is truly an inspiration.

N. Peterson, Special Ed. Teacher


Captivating and informative memoir that reads like an adventure story.

David Wallace, Lcsw, Cap


This book is compelling, eye opening, soul bearing, and a very raw account of the author's life and all the characters in it. I felt transformed into her world and could actually feel her pain, heartaches, trials and tribulations throughout it all. She bared her very soul, making herself vulnerable and exposed but with great class and dignity. Perhaps even more important is the fact that e.a. isaksen is a pioneer in shedding light onto the subject of agoraphobia, a disorder that to this day little is really known about by the general public. She has made a huge, productive world for herself within her own personal space and I cannot help but notice that mine is small by comparison. I am a huge fan.

Donna Arnold, LPN/EMT Firefighter


Behind These Eyes is one of the most compelling books I have read in recent times. The author's honesty, perseverance and willingness to take risks and learn from them is inspiring.  She is part of a great spiritual tradition...like the mystic who goes into the desert for enlightenment and isolates from the outside world and struggles with that isolation. The isolation  was not intentional, but she obviously has gained many spiritual truths.

Mary Lidkea, Ph.D
Licensed Psychologist





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