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"Behind These Eyes
..One Agoraphobic's
Journey To A
Meaningful Life"

"Coexisting With Agoraphobia, Anxiety and Panic Attacks"




"If all of life
with all its meanings
were tied up with a rope....
The center force,
which is the knot,
would certainly be





All of the Agoraphobia Awareness designs on this page were created by E. A. Isaksen.
  Have fun browsing!


The teal colored ribbon has generally been adopted to represent support for those with agoraphobia. The first design "One Foot in Front of the Other" is meant to display encouragement for those with agoraphobia by suggesting the way to a more peaceful life can perhaps be obtained by just putting one foot in front of the other to see where it leads. Moving forward a small step at a time seems to be the best way to approach this life challenge.

The second design is a ribbon with the words "Cry and Wash the Dishes" running through it under the word Agoraphobia.
This saying came about one day when life was difficult and the realization came to me that in difficult times sometimes all we can do is feel our emotions, but try simultaneously to keep living our daily lives. Any movement is better than no movement to get to the other side.

The last two are "ribbon" designs and can either be purchased in full size (about 8" X 10") or pocket size ( about 3"). A name or other wording can be placed on the larger ribbon if desired and wording of any kind can be placed under the smaller ribbon, if desired. Just fill in the appropriate boxes in the shopping cart. Sizes run Small-2X. Shirts are white.


$14.99 - $16.99

"One Foot In Front of the Other" T-Shirt

"Cry and Wash The Dishes" T-shirt




Full Size Ribbon T (with or without your name)

Pocket Size Ribbon T-shirt

Personalized Text For Ribbon
Text for UNDER Ribbon



Below is our Agoraphobia Awareness Rainbow Ribbon Christmas Ornament. The ornament is porcelain and measures about 3" in diameter.
Teal is the dominant color, but the rainbow background represents the fact that agoraphobia affects everyone. No color,
race, creed, gender or religion is immune.

Agoraphobia Awareness Ribbon Christmas Ornament

Name for Personalization


Mugs &  Lighter
14.99 - 19.99



14 oz. White Stainless Mug 19.99

Agoraphobia Awareness Lighter w/Name $19.99

Name for Personalization
Personalization if Desired



 11 oz. Ceramic Mugs  14.99 

Ribbon Style
Name for Personalization


Below are Agoraphobia Awareness key tags and a book mark. The book mark can just have the ribbon, or the ribbon and your name or the ribbon and the words "Agoraphobia Awareness." In the personalization box just enter what you'd like on it.
The key tags are both 2-sided. The one on the left will have the words "Agoraphobia Awareness" written on the back and the design on the far right will have the ribbon as shown on both sides.


Front and Back

Front and Back

Agoraphobia Awareness Key Tag
Back: "Agoraphobia Awareness" $7.99

Agoraphobia Awareness Bookmark
5" Long Metal, Personalized  $9.99

2-sided Agoraphobia Ribbon Key Tag








*** Please write if you are having trouble combining shipping in the shopping cart ***

copyright 2017 E.A.Isaksen