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In this day and age of such uncertainty so many of us are feeling scared, anxious, sad, depressed, frustrated and so much more. We just don't know where to turn or who to talk to about all of it. Some of us might just need a little guidance or direction in dealing with current life dilemmas.

I am a semi-retired Psych. Social Worker with many varying areas of expertise. I have worked as an addictions counselor, family counselor as well as an individual counselor and am now specializing in life coaching. Sometimes we just need someone to help us see how we can get through the day or solve a current life challenge.

I have degrees in both Psychology and Social Work (from NYC) and a couple of decades of experience :)

I believe in the personal touch and am willing to share my own life experiences with you if they can help you to see that no matter what your limitation you can live a full and complete life.

I have written two books. One is a memoir and the other a handbook mostly dealing with approaches to coping with anxiety and its many forms. My rates are deliberately affordable so that it might make it easier for you to take advantage of getting some help in these most trying of times.

Please note that there is a difference between life coaching and mental health therapy. While they may overlap a bit, life coaching is mostly about dealing with current issues of the day and how to handle them and find solutions while mental health counseling primarily deals with issues relating to the past and how they may effect the present.

Sessions can be held via chat, Zoom, Phone, Skype or even in VR (virtual reality). I have an office in AltspaceVR.

Please don't hesitate to write with any and all questions. A free initial brief consult is available to see if we are a "fit."

I am here to listen, cheer you on and offer practical coping skills. Use me!


Email me below or text and I will contact you for an individual appointment that can be carried out via phone, Zoom, Skype, Email or Facebook messenger.....your choice.

Sincerely, Ellen

(Phoenix always rises!)


$30 per half hour
$50 per hour

Contact info:
text: 727-277-2626






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