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First Name Meaning Prints & Gift Items
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Name meaning items have become increasingly popular. On this page we are offering two print backgrounds:
The Ocean's Rose and the Rainbow background. Either background can display either one or two names.
The text on the prints will be black, and not red as the photo of "The Ocean's Rose" below displays (unless you have a specific request, in which case just email us) On our sister site at "First-Name-Meaning.com" we offer many name meaning items besides prints and we also offer frames to go along with your prints if desired. If you decid to visit there you can combine shopping carts since we are all part of the virtual mall at "http://1Web-Boulevard.com"! Cool, eh?  All you have to do is click on what you want from this page and then go over there and select whatever item you'd like and add it to the cart. It will all come up in one cart with one shipping price! You can do that for any items within the "1Web-Boulevard.com" virtual mall!

First Name Meaning Prints
Single Name $9.99
Double Name $12.99
Black and Gold Frost Mat $7.99
**See other mats and prints at: http://First-Name-Meaning.com**

Print in Black and Gold Frost Mat....

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Over The Rainbow
With Either Single or Dual Names


Art Background - The Oceans Rose

The Ocean's Rose

"Solid" Rainbow Background


Single Name Print

Name and Gender for Single Name Print
i.e. Jennifer (female)
Background for Single Name Print


Dual Name Print

Names and Genders for Single Name Print
i.e.  Joseph (male) Gregory (male)
Background for Single Name Print

ORDER a MAT for your PRINT!

Available in either Black & Gold Frost
Beige Marble & Brownstone

Sample of "Over the Rainbow" in Beige and Brownstone Mat...

Black & Gold Frost Mat

Beige Marble & Brownstone


Color of Mat


Color of Mat


  Travel Mugs!   

Travel mugs are so popular with our "on the go" population!
We now carry this wonderful Name-Meaning Travel Mug! Your first name
with full definition and place of origin will be printed on Rainbow Paper and
inserted into the front of the mug. On the back you can have this 3 1/2" X 4" space
left blank for your own photo or you can have us insert a copy of the Gay Lesbian Prayer...
OR we can insert the Life-IZ-Sweet "under the rainbow" logo in it. Mugs are fully insulated
and with their tapered bottom fit nicely into your car beverage holder! The lid has a slide notch
so you can have the hole open or closed for non-spill driving.

Mug with First Name Meaning

Optional "Gay/Lesbian Prayer"
On the Back

Optional "Life-IZ-Sweet"
under the rainbow on the back

  **Note** The prayer does
Not come with a title on it..
It simply reads:*

Lord, You made me different
And I promise I'll try
To awaken the others
Through the love in my eyes

My heart becomes weary
Yet I honor my life,
My soul sings of Truth,
of Love and of Light.
copyright @2005 EAI




First Name for Mug AND GENDER
Options for Back of Mug


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