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Here you will find a nice assortment of unique name-meaning items. We have items not seen anywhere else! In most cases in the shopping cart you will be asked to put in the "name and gender" of the name in a text box before you click "add to cart". Simply put the text in like this: "Mike, male" or "Sally, female". The reason for this is that many names are used for both genders and it does make a difference in the meaning of the name. After you have entered the name and gender simply click the 'Add to cart' button.
You can ALWAYS email us or call us for assistance. (727) 934-3944
Happy Shopping!!

Name Meaning License Plate Frames!!!
Now you can display your first name's meaning on your car or truck with this awesome standard sized
license plate frame! The plate itself is chrome with to printable plates on the top and bottom. We will print your name
on the top and a brief definition of what your name means on the bottom. Printing comes on white background with colored text OR colored background with white text. AWESOME auto/truck accessory!

White Lettering on Black Background

White Lettering on Red Background

White Lettering on Blue Background


First Name to be Defined
Color of Plate Background


Black Lettering on White Background

Red Lettering on White Background

Blue Lettering on White Background



First Name to be Defined
Color of Text

First Name Meaning Key Tag!
Giving Origin of the name and Meaning on the Back.
Choice of Red, Blue, White, or Yellow
Key tag is Oval... approx 3" ....aluminum

 "Lost Key" Keychain" w/ Name

Name & Wording for Key Tag
Color for Key Tag

First Name "Lost Key" Tags NEW NEW NEW

If you are unfortunate enough to lose your valuable keys, and worse yet, your car remote,
you stand a good chance of getting your keys back with this valuable key tag which
has your name as well as any identifying info (such as the phone number to call if
your keys are found) or address etc. Available in Red, Black or Blue.
**Please keep personalization to three short lines**

First Name Meaning Desk Plates~!  NEW NEW!!

Now you can have a first name meaning on a gorgeous 2" X 8" hardwood desk plate.
The desk plates are beautifully printed with a dye sublimation process which gives them a
brilliant color and high gloss finish. These make an OUTSTANDING gift for your own desk
 or for that favorite professional or student in your life!
The back of the plate is black and the edges are a wonderful metallic gold finish. Comes with an
"L" bracket to enable them to stand upright.

Name for Desk Plate

Name Meaning "Sunflower" Crystals
Your name can be defined and placed on a gorgeous piece
of pure, solid, quartz crystal. These are absolutely NEW on the market!

Beautiful "Name Meaning" Sunflower Crystal w/base
on Rainbow Background, beautifully faceted!(approx 3" H)

Gorgeous 4"X6" "Horizontal Incline" Crystal with
full name meaning w/ all it's characteristics. This is
a heavy, thick piece of crystal that is shaped like
a wedge.


Name for Crystal


Name for Crystal

Name Meaning PENS!!

Our newest product is these FUN Name Meaning Pens! Your first name is defined and printed around the barrel of the pen. Available in 7 Vibrant colors!

Name for Pen
Color of Pen

Wooden Keepsake Boxes

 Wooden Boxes with Tile Top!
5.5" x 5.5" x 2.125"
Box comes in a gorgeous light maple wood or a medium cherry wood

Name and Gender for Box
i.e. Jennifer, Female
Color Of Box

Smaller Box with Hinge and lining...


At a size of  3 1/4" X 4 1/4", this hinged cherry wood box stands alone or is ready to have your Name Meaning  imprinted on it. It is lined inside and perfect for holding small treasures, jewelry or perhaps even a deck of cards. The  metal plate on top features rounded corners and is ready to display your favorite first name meaning . This makes a lovely gift box and is sure to be cherished and proudly displayed!

Name for plate

Snow Globes

Single name with brief definition

Name and Gender
i.e. "John, male"

Name Meaning Paperweight

2 1/2" X 3 1/2" clear Acrylic Paperweight for desk/ office on a rainbow

Name and Gender for Paperweight, i.e. John, male


Miscellaneous Items

Brass Tone Items....LOVELY!

Brass-Tone Desk Clock
with place on left to insert 5X7 photo
or name meaning print.
**backgrounds may vary**

Name for Print
Gender of Name


Brass-tone PERPETUAL
Calendar w/full name meaning
(you can use this calendar EVERY year
by shuffing the day/month inserts)

**backgrounds may vary**

Name for Print
Gender of Name


Tote Bags

These name meaning totes have the letters of the name listed vertically
with a short "Story" or rhyming line after each letter.
These totes are a large 15" X 16" and are made of
a nice lightweight canvas...
**Text on tote is available in Red, Blue or Black**

Name on Tote Bag
Color of Text

Pillow Shams
**To order just fill in the text box with the name(s) you want on the sham and the gender(s) of the name(S), for example, "John, male" and "Tracy" Female. This is required because many names can be used for either gender and it makes a difference in the meaning.
Then just click "add to cart" and you are done!** If you need help just email us or call and we'll be glad to set it up for you.


Verse or Saying made from Name

Name on Sham

Definition of Dual names

Names/Genders on Sham
i.e. "John, male"

Pillow Shams
Our lacey pillow shams make a gorgeous
gift for that special someone or for yourself! On the single name sham the name is
spelled out vertically with a little saying or poem line for each letter.
On the Dual Name Sham TWO names definitions are given.
Wonderful wedding gift, engagement gift, birthday gift or anytime gift!

Ceramic Mugs

First Name Meaning Mug
Instructions: Just put the name and gender i.e. "John, male"  in the text box below and click "add to cart"!


Name and gender

Great for weddings, Anniversaries & Loved Ones

Instructions: Just put the name and gender i.e. "John, male"
 in the text box below and click "add to cart"!


One Name on front w/different
Name on back

Names on Mug and Genders
i.e. "John, male"



If you need help... please just send an EMAIL with your item request. You will receive a response within 24 hours. 

**Please note...shipping costs in our "shopping cart"  are for USA shipping..please
EMAIL if you want you item shipped internationally**
Also...No refunds. Damaged (not due to shipping) or misprinted products will be replaced. Custom Imprinted items cannot be exchanged.

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All art backgrounds are subject to availability.
Our inventory is subject to change on a regular basis and we do our best to keep our website updated. If we do not have your art background in stock at time of order we will contact you regarding a substitute paper print. Custom imprinted items cannot be refunded or exchanged

Colors may vary from images shown.

Please verify your order before purchasing. Please be sure that the name is spelled correctly and if sending a personal note, please check spelling. We print exactly what you send us. We are not responsible for your errors.

Personalized items cannot be refunded for reasons other than defects in materials or workmanship. You must ship the product(s) back to us at your cost. (Please note that your shipping fees are non refundable). Once we have received shipment, the cost of products you purchased will be refunded to your account.
Shipping costs are for USA shipping..please contact us for international shipping.
Please contact us if we printed something in error. We will send out a replacement order as soon as possible.

Pdf's are non refundable.

You must notify us within 30 days for all replacement items or refunds.