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Vape Cartridge Kits, Oils and Refills

  Our Superior AV Vape Kit
(Disposable cartridge)


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Pre-filled Disposable 1ml/250mg cartridge, (1x) Case, (1x) Battery, (1x) Charger
Product #s
"Kush" is product VPEKT-K
"Mint" is product # VPEKT-M
"Citrus" is product # VPEKT-C

Each pen has a pre-filled 1 ml 250mg cartridge

Three flavors: Mint, Kush (like a more natural cbd flavor) and Citrus. Your choice.

The easiest, all-natural way to vape. Each tank is pre-filled with 250mg CBD. You get about 250-300 puffs per tank. Each puff might be approx. 1-2 mg depending upon how deep a puff you take  :)

ē No THC
ē No VG
ē No PG


Vape Kit Cartridge Refills
Choose flavor below (Mint, Citrus or Kush (a hemp natural flavor)


Vape Cartridge Refills  250mg 1 ml  $39.99 ea
Refill Product #s
"Kush" is product #VPEKT-K
"Mint" is product # VPEKT-M
"Citrus is product # VPEKT-C


Perfect Ingredients

Every single ingredient in Alternate Vape was chosen for its touted benefits and ability to play synergistically with each other.

Ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD, Terpenes


Enjoy the power of cannabis, without the high.

CBD is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. Fortunately, it can be found in great quantities in hemp oil! This means we can craft our oil from hemp instead of marijuana, allowing us to make a THC-free CBD e-liquid, legal in all 50 states.


Terpenes, which make up 100% of these amazing flavors, are natural compounds found in essential oils of plants. Did you know, terpenes have been studied for similar reasons as CBD? Thatís why researchers believe they have a strong synergy, known popularly as the Entourage Effect.

All plants have terpenes! Thatís right, even the one sitting on your patio. Terpenes give plants their unique scent, and sometimes even their color. We all know the power of essential oils, which are used in aromatherapy and other natural remedies.


MCT (coconut) oil is a highly praised product in the beauty and health industry. Nowadays, itís hard to find a product that doesnít contain coconut oil. This is awesome to see, and thanks to our talented hemp formulators, weíve brought it into the CBD e-liquid industry to completely replace the PG/VG. Thatís great news for anyone looking to vape CBD oil with all-natural ingredients.

How to Use CBD Vape Oil Cartridge

The Alternate Vape CBD Cartridge is ready to go as soon as it arrives. Just twist it onto the vaporizer battery and inhale through the mouthpiece. There are no complicated buttons or adjustments to make; itís fully automatic. Once youíve finished the tank, dispose of it and order a new one óbut keep the battery so you can use it with your next tank! The battery is rechargeable with the accompanied USB charger.

Vape it throughout the day as needed.

**Note:  It has been suggested that vaping might be the best method to utilize CBD for those of you on strong meds as it bypasses the liver and won't interfere with the metabolism of your meds. Of course, consult with your physician first.

Ceramic vs Wick

Our vape oil cartridges are ceramic, ensuring a higher quality product. From our experience, ceramic cartridges are not only a higher quality when comparing to a wicked cartridge, they are also less likely to burn the hemp oil.


If you order our kit, the accompanying vaporizer battery has purple LED lights at the bottom. If the battery is getting low, the lights will blink as you inhale to warn you that itís time to charge your vaporizer.

One blink = 30% battery remaining
Two blinks = 10% battery capacity remaining
Five blinks = battery drained

When you plug the battery into the charger, the chargerís LED light will stay on. When itís itís fully charged, the lights will blink 10 times and then stop. A full charge usually takes 2-3 hours.



MCT Oil, CBD, Terpenes



While there isnít much research at this time about the risks or benefits of vaping, it is overall considered safe as long as you are getting your vape e-liquid from a high-quality source, with no added chemicals.
Why Choose Vaping?

Itís fast acting, which can be extremely beneficial for those needing immediate relief from anxiety, panic attacks, or PTSD.
Vaping bypasses the liver, which reduces potential drug interactions. However we still recommend talking to your doctor before using CBD Oil.
Vaping has a very high efficacy, meaning a very high percent of what you inhale will make it into your blood stream. It bypasses the digestion process resulting in high absorption and very little waste of product.
Itís very relaxing.
CBD e-liquids come in really nice flavors that again add to that relaxation effect.
Ingredients to avoid that may not be safe:

Propylene Glycol, a chemical thinning agent used in nicotine e-liquids and many CBD e-liquids. It can cause irritation and is a potential health risk when inhaled into the lungs.
Artificial flavors and additives are also added to many e-liquids and again, these are chemicals that are potentially hazardous and come with a health risk.
Metal coils that can cause metal inhalation.
What to look for:

High quality CBD liquid that has been lab tested for purity. You donít want to be inhaling impurities into your lungs. Organic is best.
Natural flavor from naturally occurring plant terpenes.
A safe natural thinning agent like MCT oil (fractioned coconut oil)
Ceramic cartridges (no metal coils).
Winterized vape liquid, which removes the wax that can be unsafe to inhale.
At Foods That Heal You CBD, our vape liquids meet ALL of the safety measures, so you can shop with confidence:

Organic and US grown (Colorado and Kentucky)
3rd party lab tested
Safe all natural thinning agent (MCT oil)
Glass and ceramic cartridges (no metal coils or plastic casing)
Winterized (cuticle wax from plant is removed)

We are committed to the safety and well-being of every customer. We have been following the reports of illness with great concern related to vaping black-market THC products and flavored nicotine e-liquids.

First and foremost, we do not offer any vape products on our website which contain vitamin E acetate. Also, none of the vape we carry has been involved in any of these cases. Our ingredients and cannabinoid profiles can be seen on any of our product pages as we list all ingredients and link to our lab test results for each product. We are dedicated to earning and protecting the trust our customers place in us which is why the quality and safety of our products comes first along with the transparency of this information.

We commit to only sourcing the highest quality, lab tested ingredients and will not compromise on that. Thatís why we test all products entering and leaving our manufacturing facility, whether they are finished goods or raw materials. The recent events around black-market vapes prove how important it is to source your vape products from reputable companies which are committed to providing safe products with proper testing associated. Please do not purchase vape products from unlicensed retailers under any circumstances.

To order please call: 727-741-7224
We take all major credit cards.

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